Other Services

We do much more than lawn service!

See how 4 Affordable Lawn Services can beautify your property. Below we have actual before and after pictures of our work. You can see how we can assist you in making your property look like new.

Before and After

Pressure Washing : Use us for all of your landscaping needs. Check out what a difference pressure washing can do for your fences and driveways.

Pressure washing fences


Did you know that 4 Affordable Lawn Service can also help you with the following tasks?

Plant Removal: We have no problem removing those pesky plants from your yard. Sometimes removing or trimming trees and bushes can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your yard. We can also remove invasive plants too.

Mulch Installation: Adding mulch yearly is crucial for a top-notch landscape. Mulch can keep your surfaces from drying, reduce erosion and reduces weed growth.

Sod Installation: Things can happen to grass, and we can help. We are yard professionals and installing sod is a task we can handle.

Sprinkler Repair: If you have sprinklers, you are aware that sprinkler’s break. We are knowledgeable in yard irrigation and can quickly fix broken sprinkler heads.

Hauling: Don’t own a truck? Don’t want to haul yard waste to the local dump? We can help with hauling.